Tree's should block bullets!

It’s not intuitive at all that 7.62 rounds go right through trees. It really makes no sense and should be fixed as it just screws over new players and removes a set of tactics. Even when I kill somebody through a tree I feel dirty!

Go get some 7.62 x 39 and shoot a big ass oak and see what happens, especially if your AK is made out of a shit shovel!

Maybe because trees can be removed and respawned their texture isn’t really “there”.

Will these shots go through terrain / spawn rocks?

omfg i never noticed this… i tried to use them as shield several times and i was like How the fuck im getting killed… (started playing rust less than a week ago)

You should clarify if you’re talking about tree trunks or tree leaves (or both?)


I died. Literally. :godzing:

in my opinion tree trunks should be made to stop bullets

You got me, all the rifles in Rust shoot “5.56 Rifle Ammo” which is the NATO standard. The “Assault Rifle” in Rust looks like an AK47 which is eastern block and they shoot 7.62. So if you wanted to test an AK47 you would be shooting 7.62 at your tree in the backyard.

No in-game fauna/flora stops bullets.

Oh. They don’t stop bullets? Lol. No wonder why I always die behind trees. They should though. I thought that was a given. :quotes:

@9 mins

Yes I concur about the AK needing 7.62

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I didn’t watch to 9 mins cause fucking phone is dying.
Enjoyed it so far.

lol… skip until 9 mins ofc… not watch untill 9 mins :stuck_out_tongue:

Most rifle ammunition in real life can penetrate a tree with ease. The power would be reduced by a lot, though. Maybe leave it as is, but receive less damage if the bullet went through the tree?

Maybe not really a feasible suggestion, since the devs would need to implement penetration on a lot more things But trees shouldn’t really block them, in my opinion.

Do trees stop pistol bullets and buckshot in game? I’m usually not paying attention well enough when I am being shot to know.

What about wood foundations, walls, doors and high external wood walls? Based on how the high external wall appears to be made, it shouldn’t block them if trees don’t.

Uhhhhhh Nope.

And that’s really not a very big tree.

i think the point is that in legacy, you COULD use trees as cover. regardless of the capacity for cerrtain rounds to have certain degrees of penetrating power vs wood, it would still be something tactically nice to have back.

30cm of solid live wood will stop the fuck out of almost any bullet. On the chance it doesn’t, it’s not killing anyone on the other side.

So as said trees should stop bullets

If not it makes the surroundings pointless regarding any real cover, and even though trees are a resource if they can do it for rocks why cant they do it with trees they did it in legacy