Trees too big, can I make them smaller?

Hello. I am testing my skills with nature maps and the tree is just too damn big. There are only 2 trees in my models so can someone tell me if there is a way to scale the prop?

I am using Half Life 2.

nope, you will need to change/resize the model or choose a different model

(resizing the model would probably be using some sort of software I’ve never heard of before)

There is an entity that let’s you scale props.

Try prop_scaleable

Does that actually work? I never managed to get it to work.

Yeah, that never worked for me…

In the beginning of ep2, and the end, it changes the size of the super portal. So yes it works.


I thought it basically only worked on that model, and that model only.

You could always just decompile it to the SMD and the QC, then open up the QC in notepad and add “$scale” .5 (.5 is just an example, it will halve the model size), then recompile it under another name by changing the value of the “$modelname” parameter.

Are there any problems/errors with decompiling models?

I’m pretty sure you get the occasional error, but sometimes decompiling it again helps. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Decompiling’s pretty solid. It’s not like maps where there’s brush and entity data the needs to be salvaged, because models are just vertices and bones.