Hello and thank you for reading my idea! The tree system in rust is good, but I have an idea to make it better. Instead of trees being chopped a number of times and then disappearing from the game, why not have them fall and be segmented for chopping. Keep the trees the same when standing, but when a player chops at it a number of times the tree will then change skin and have invisible segments with quantities of wood in each.

Sorry my graphic design vocab is not the best, but I am open to criticism and views in general. Once again thank you for reading and please vote!

Sorry dude, thisis just pointless at this stage of the game

i think its more realistic

yes, it would be revisiting an old area, but i think it wouldn’t be that hard to implement it. Also, i would like to see trees being able to be set aflame. Not because i like forest fires, or a pyromaniac, but it happens in real life and would add a nice touch to a raid.