Trello Card What do you think

Ok so yesterday i was perusing trello when i found this card

there is no info on it but i am think that the further away we are from someone more jumbles or messed up the text becomes.

And if this is correct then will they implement it also on voice chat? at distance adding static or breaks in audio transmission.

i think this is a great idea will also help locating people.

Anyone know anything?

I don’t know anything outside of what was shared on the trello card, but I’m very curious about this as well. Could open up possibilities for like morse code messages or even radios being used to be able to communicate long distances, although people would probably just bypass this with Skype/Steam chat. Even still, for the purists, this’d be fun :slight_smile:

Looks interesting… I’d be curious to see how they implement a system like this… but I like the idea of morse code/radios as the poster above suggested. :slight_smile:

Looks quite interesting. Having 1 ingame voice " channels " inside the server like radio channels would be quite interesting as well.

Maybe like the old CB system 40 channels
maybe one channel like 19 could be a broadcast channel which is relayed over the entire map,

the other channels could have a dissipating signal with increased distance between communicating parties.

and building bigger or higher aerials could increase communication range.

“good buddy Yer coming in wall to wall and tree top tall Whats you 20?” lol

Kind of off topic but on the procedural terrain card on their trello did anyone else see all those screenies? Coming along verra naice

I agree it looks beautiful, just needs the trees closer together though. I think we need more forest less open field.

A agree. Large forests where you can get lost in would be amazing. Imagine finding an old Civilization deep in the forest…

Or full fledged forest towns made by players :smiley: getting lost and then all of a sudden you stumble upon a hidden community in the woods :smiley:

I wouldnt mind distance based chat. Would be neat.