Trembling Tiles


Goal: Survive the longest by not falling.

Instructions: Touching any tile will turn it red. After one second, the tile will fall. Stay alive by running and jumping between normal tiles. If there is floating text above a tile, it is a powerup - trigger a powerup by standing on the tile below it.

Games are 10 minutes each, rounds one minute (unless everyone dies). All tiles fall in a round.

This will work on any server, and is addicting as hell.



Gamemode + Maps:
(5.41, not 541, mb)
Example vmf:

Looks fun :slight_smile:

Good gamemode.

It’s p. good. Nice Gamemode Disse.

Fun to play with around five people - any more and it becomes chaotic and too fast-paced.

it reminds me of portal…
not sure why

Server, someone give me a server.


Make the map / course different everytime instead of doing it over and over again. Get like 20 premade layouts.

That noise…

WTF is up with the size?

Two maps + gamemode

you say ‘this will work on any server’ so are the maps a requirement or are they there purely to add to the awesome? if it’s the latter can you release an additional pack minus the maps so that people can just download the gamemode? (forgive me if i am a little ignorant as i’ve been away from FP for a month or so)

P.S. by ‘people’ i mean my friend who has the slowest connection in existence

Edit: seems i missed a decimal place and read the download as 541MB…

someone make a public server!

I doubt this gamemode would work on normal maps, like Construct >.>

Uh, no, you need specialized map for this specialized gamemode. It’s p. impossible to pull it off of CS:S/DoD:S/HL:2 maps. They are pretty simplistic and only feature a few tiles and a skybox so a server side DL shouldn’t take that long.

Haha looks very rubbish.

Looks like a fun minigame. You should make it that you can stay on it for 5 seconds, the longer you stand on it, the darker they turn. This way you can tacticly damage around other players to take them down.

[editline]Yeah.[/editline]Yeah, and for “You should make it”, I mean the people that are going to use this.

It looks like when I’m high.

I have to get high and play this, that’ll be chaotic for my mind.

love you disseminate, but kinda hate you too for disseminating me all the time over at sstrp :frowning:

Looks cool, although one suggestion, is there a way to add more tiles depending on the amount of players playing? I mean if 20 people are playing the game would be over in like three seconds.