Tremor model

I was wondering if anyone would be up for making a tremor ragdoll.

here are some pictures.

I would be really grateful to anybody who can help :smiley:

If you need more pictures, i will do my best to get them to you.

Good idea, definitely. I would like it.

yeah, i thought it would be a good idea becuase tremors soulden’t be that hard to model right? And they look cool.

I want to see ass blasters! I wish the show wasn’t a flop.

It’s called a Graboid by the way. But why now make the Shriekers, Ass-Blasters, and baby Graboids to? Wouldn’t that be something?

Bah, screw the ass-blasters and shriekers, hated them. They should have kept them at Graboids.

Oh yeah they are called graboids, doh!

It ruined when they called them “Ass-Blasters.” But the Shriekers were awesome. How dare you! :argh:

Oh there the little dog like things, yeah they were cool.

Every time I see a tremor worm it makes me think: Cock goes here… :slight_smile:

That wasn’t funny.

I agree…

have an agree…

“Goddamn underground monsters :argh:!”

You love them really.

Are you going to just talk about who likes the life stages? Or is someone going to make this?

Well, you could get someone to re-scale the Dark Messiah worm and then model/ morph it as a base…

That’s a good idea…but it would look a bit wierd.

shriekers ftw!


In tremors 4 the baby Graboids are called dirt dragons. Not to be a smart ass but I think the name stuck for me