trench coat freemen player model.

srry but this image is the best one i have of what i’d like to have…

it’s kind of off, but basically this head hexed unto the trench coat CP’s body. can any body do that for me?

EDIT: and heres the base…

What trench coat?

learn to read the description, dumbass.

Wow, you’re asking for someone to make you a model and you’re calling them a dumbass?

great job bro

That’s not a trench coat, “dumbass.”

Learn to be polite, ass nugget.

When you’re asking people to do something purely as a favor, it’s in your interest’s to a) be nice and b) give them all the content.

Sure, we could just search through the forums for the model, except there’s several variants, and you’ll probably throw a piss-fit if it’s attached to the wrong one. And modelers have better things to do than to spend time looking for things when they could be modeling.

Also, learn the right terms. You’re asking for a headhack, not a hex. Big difference.

take the head of the Gordan freemen model in the picture and hex it onto the Trench coat combine model. i’m sorry i was not very specific, but in my defense I thought people would see the request icon next to the post and understand that i was asking them to make something.

Right, he knew that, but I don’t see a trenchcoat anywhere in your post or picture and would rather not have to search for it

Yeah, when I saw the first reply I thought he was trying to put out “nobody’s gonna do it, dumbass.” without specificaly saying it. So I see why you reacted that way.

i’m working on it…


Are you all happy now?