I personally think that trenches would be pretty cool in Rust. They would be good for raiders if maybe they wanted to push up from they’re raiding bases but they are being shot at so they need to make a trench to cover themselves. They’re could be a shovel tool and it could be used to dig in the ground creating trenches, the longer you dig the bigger the trench could be (obviously there would be a limit to how big it is). There should also be a compulsory ladder in the trench so that its not just a place to fall into and you can’t get out. Those are some of my ideas, would love to hear yours, unless you’re just saying I’m dumb for even thinking about it.

Do you want to have trenches in rust?

trenches would be cool. but they tried terrain deformation early into the rebuild and found it really wasn’t compatible with the randomly generated terrain.

so sure, i’d love trenches. they are very unlikely to ever be in rust afaik.