Trend: Disregard of Newly Introduced Bugs

More and more it seems bugs that come along side patches are given no attention or acknowledgement.

Just some of the few game-breaking issues that face Rust, mostly newly conceived as of the past 2-3 patches.

  • Immense player lag / updating: Chasing people or watching players move around on a 1+ day old server with more than 80 people. It’s practically stop-motion. This is new, around the time the new animations were added in for player models.

  • Immense tower / building lag: Towers cause catastrophic problems for both server hardware and players in the area. Loading all of the objects at once, in a 20+ story tall building (generally much higher) is a slaughter to fps. If you’re bordering the area, expect constant freezing every time you turn around or zoom in towards it.

  • Automatic (Scheduled) Airdrops are broken: The daily airdrops no longer work, whether due to the change of timescale / environment, it should be addressed.

  • Client side hit detection: Cheats have gotten considerably worse since the initial fixes put in place in January. Around the time CheatPunch arrived, were things moved more client side for CheatPunch’s sake? Also doesn’t play in favor of the uncontrollable, debilitating lag.

  • Daunting number of cheaters: Not much can be done to prevent the classic FPS cheats (Aimbot, speedhack, ESP), but having remote killing and flying around / superjump / no fall damage seems controllable. They were addressed back in January.

  • Client side structure validation / checking: People can be killed through walls / doors that SEEM to be missing / open. In a few edits of the unity assets in the game files, structure textures no longer render and allow people to place sleeping bags through said walls or otherwise opaque objects. This can also occur without any editing whatsoever, and just a matter of minimizing when you see an open door, or turning away from it at a distance.

  • (Not really a bug, but something that is very necessary) Next to zero admin capabilities or tools: Everyone enjoys the idea of playing “Vanilla”, but it’s becoming more and more of a challenge for admins to manage the players, mainly when it comes to the swift handling of cheaters. No capability to give ban/kick rights to anyone other than those with the rcon password, which isn’t exactly desirable.

I’ve been looking across all channels Rust news flows (Twitter [Garry / Rust], Rust Forums, Reddit, etc) and have seen nothing regarding any of the above issues. Maybe this will lead to an explanation or something to give confidence the game isn’t being pulled into unplayable territory.

Also, the durability rates are overwhelming for the majority of people. Although it is a controllable variable per server, it seems far too punishing and plain discouraging as the current standard rate - mainly the issue is tools degrade far too quickly.

Anyways, hopefully a member of the Facepunch team can provide some insight here.


Facepunch studios is a relatively small team that works hard on the game, they can’t spend all of their time slaving over menial bugs and things of the like. Be grateful for the updates that you do get.

You exaggerate by saying its only been the past 2-3 patches. Most of those issues (cheaters, lag, hackers) have been around for awhile… and like anything, is a constant battle.

Not valid, you don’t just release patches and ignore the bugs they introduce. And being that they sold 30 million copies of Garry’s Mod and over 2 million Rust copies, maybe it’s time to expand? Players are the ones paying their bills, should be a goal to make sure they can play the games.

As I said MOST have. The player lag has not been around long. Cheaters and hackers are the same thing, they’ll always be around. Airdrops and player lag are both very new. The new cheats (“Shield”, killing through walls, remote death (Arrow spawning/spoofing)) are undoubtedly a recent development.

Player lag = Chasing someone under normal circumstances, no server lag or latency issues, and they stop then update a second later as if they were running the entire time.

These post are not constructive, do you have any interest in the game improving?

You act as if they aren’t hiring.

And customers have the right to complain about them being understaffed. If I buy a service, and the service is suffering due to the company being understaffed, why would I as a customer not have the right to complain about that?

Folks need to remember - this isn’t a free alpha where we were allowed in for testing purposes. This is a product we all purchased. Yes, it’s understood that the product isn’t completed. But by purchasing it, there’s a certain expectations that minimal standards should be met. Staffing is one of those minimal standards. Facepunch can’t claim financial difficulties - they’ve had significant revenue generated already.


I thought you just threw money out the window and whoever it landed on was required by law to do as you say.

(people place way too much importance on money and the illusion of entitlement it offers.)

I agree with your bug list, and I would add that the game also suffers of a glitch allowing animals to spawn in base, to walk below the ground and across hills, as well as going across stacks of resources.

The bolded parts of your quote tell me that you haven’t been playing very long at all and don’t know the progress of the game past the last couple weeks.

Things take time to fix. This isn’t beta or release, there are no hotfixes hours after a patch that broke something. That’s just how it is for now.

I’ve pretty much stopped playing Rust since the implemetation of the durability system. There’s a ton of issues with the game that are frustrating like hackers and unaccapteble ping/lag/stuttering.

But that which made my cup finally run over is the durability system. It’s frustrating without purpose. A frustrating element for the sake of being frustrating alone. Not a product of a underdeveloped game.

No. Its they who should be thankful that he and over a million other players paid them money for a unfinished product. It’s like selling someone a car and saying “Be thankful you got to buy my car. It might not have wheels or an engine but be thankful its got doors”

I have yet to read a single statement from any of the developers that implies that the early buyers are a privileged few and should feel lucky for it.

I have read a lot of posts from entitled cunts waving their dollar bill in the air as though it meant something.

This whole “fix it now” mentality is like standing in line at the grocery store behind a belligerent drunk who insists that the manager needs to come outside and fix a flat tire for him.

The car analogy is stupid because you had the opportunity to see the car first and you still purchased the car. With an Alpha you should know up front that the Alpha will be buggy and missing content. So in your scenario it would be like buying a car that has no wheels or an engine and then being surprised that it does not run. Who is the idiot in that scenario?

As far as durability there are servers that have that feature disabled but I do not think it is that big of a deal. So far I have broken three guns and a couple pieces of armor and then repaired them when I got back to base. I could care less about the tools since I find so many pick axes and leave base with 30 metal pieces to make new hatchets. People who whine about durability when it really is not that big of a deal and is disabled on quite a few servers are being babies.

There is also a purpose, I used to throw away pick axes I found because I had so many back at base. I used to have so many guns they were all just sitting there waiting for the next raider to come and take. The only thing it has somewhat affected was my armor, otherwise I have not found the system to be that big of a hindrance and it is a loot sink.

Do you honestly think that the sole purpose of item durability was to piss off players?

Do you think that the current way item durability works (i.e. fairly punishing) is intended to be the final setting for the finished game?

Do you not think that this might be an exaggerated effect in order to make the durability degradation more rapid and easy to bugtest more efficienctly?

I agree 100% with the OP. +1 There is no communication or acknowledgment of the current game breaking bugs. At the rate of the current patch releases this game will be done when? 3 years?

Your car analogy is even worse. That’s not what we’re saying here. We’re complaining the fact that they are even selling a car with no wheels or engine in the first place. They shouldn’t be doing that, they should be waiting for the car (Game) to be finished to sell it…

That’s kind of the entire point of Early Access, because what you described is the normal model of game publishing.

Moreover, I don’t recall hearing that you were forced at knifepoint to buy Rust.

What you seem to be missing is that no one was forced to buy this “car with no wheels or engine”. Point is, you should have known what to expect when you purchased this alpha.

That really is debatable at this point. Early access is a big trend now - selling unfinished content is rapidly becoming the industry standard. Where you stand on this matter is somewhat relevant, but extends far beyond simply Facepunch studios.

Honestly I have more beef with products like BF3 or 4 which were released as ‘complete’ and have a long list of missing features, bugs, glitches, and poor design choices that were never patched or presented to the consumer at purchase - simply so the publisher could grab our money and run. At least Facepunch states clearly that Rust is an unfinished car, and you should only buy it at this stage if you like to be a part of the construction process.

Don’t even attempt to justify anything along the lines of game updates on these forums, this forum is a circle jerk for people that believe that we are not entitled to anything and we are lucky that they are even updating the game. At this point, it’s the hipster thing to do to believe we as customers are not entitled to anything

Yes, I am grateful that facepunch is working on this game, but that is kinda what we payed them for.

If I buy a burger at mcdonalds I expect it to have pickles because I payed for it…

But, you’re not entitled to anything and are lucky that they’re even updating the game. Again, the burger analogy doesn’t quite work either.

Taken from the ToS: