Trespasser Models

I began work on porting on models from the ancient game Trespasser and its custom maps from Trescom. My others works i’m working on is Harry Potter from HP7:P2. Anyway heres some of my progress

My almost finished work is with the Dilphosaurus. I still need a few touches and some help with that.

Raptor is pretty much finished except for a few textures

I’ll add more updates later

Oh fuck, nostalgia attack. Trespasser was awesome.

As shit and low-poly as they may be, any chance you could port some of the vehicles that were lying around too, or are you just doing the dinos?

Go port that chick’s boobs.

Well the vehicles and dinos textures are quite hard to match, i’m working on Anne and Dilophosaurus Novel Version (Tyrannosaurus size version) and vehicles. Foliage would be great in GMod but it would take time before I finish those. I’m not really planning to rip Jurassic Park: The Game but I might try to port the raptors and T-Rex.

Actually…i’m done with Dilo

JPRaptor Finished!

Btw you may need to fix the teeth textures all you have to do is delete the white background which I couldn’t do anyway Enjoy!!

If you ever plan to rig it send it to me before its release

You mean the new one that’s coming out? I’d like to try porting stuff from that when it’s out and once i’ve got a modleling program to work with, but i don’t know what engine it’s meant to be on or how to port stuff from it yet.

Also, think the foliage is probably not worth porting, there’s plenty of better models available. Unless of course you make a pack with anne, some guns, and some props so we can make trespasser scenebuilds and poses for a blast to the past

also on the subject of porting, how’re you managing to extract trespasser models and get them into a workable format?

Het FloaterTwo I got a map idea you may like i’ll talk you about via Steam. Add me to your friends list TheKritter71

And porting is very difficult with Trespasser, I use TresEd to extract the models and then we get to the difficult texture parts which take me a hour or so to find which correct ones.


Destroyed InGen Helicopter

and the woman you’ve all be waiting for…ANNE!!



A boat it be.

gmod needs a good looking ship too

its the ship from PotC 4, I am working on it as of now.

I kind of need some help rigging these up if anyone can I would be very happy

I would, if i could :stuck_out_tongue:

But keep up the good work, it looks nice so far!

i hope that the raptor and the dilo become ragdolls there are very realistic ,i hope that those two and the ship very soon are ready

I have returned