Treven's Serious Role-Play [TRP]

TRP is proud to present :

A new PERP based server, we are very restriced with our RP and it’s made only for hardcore RP’ers.
every information about it is located at our forum :
Our server and forum is temporary , as we get bigger it will get better and improved of course.
We just released it yesterday so don’t expect it to be full with players.
You also need to download a couple of things to join
You can download it at
Content goes to garrysmod/garrysmod and addons file goes to addons(duh)
evo city goes into maps.

It’s great fun with no bugs at all !
Be a firefighter , a cop or a paramedic with their own goverment vehicles such as firetruck ,police cruiser and an ambulance , buy a house for yourself and buy a car which saves after you log out .
You can create your own organisation and it can get official which get special perks then unofficial.
There’s no limitation for the RP
Join us and experience the real fun in role-playing !.

You can’t make threads for stolen gamemodes.