Triangle doors issue, Rockets exploding in my face

Yeah 2 issues, of course I am not happy with the removal of tools to build and I am looking for more tools for building things, However please read on.

I logged back in today to finish off the doorways in my base and I can place door ways but I cannot put doors into the doorways that are connected to a triangle piece. two triangles, no doors are possible, one square and one triangle not door possible, I can only use 2 swuares and then I can place a door way with a door. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY FIX ISSUE ! ! !

It is totally random but 2 out 5 times the rocket explodes in my face in certain areas. I cannot name the event, when it happens, or how high the moon was in the sky, but the incendiary rocket exploded right after I hit the button and I was showered in fire and died shortly after that. Perhaps you all can look into that Bug too.

My last issue is with the loss of building tool instead of granting builders better ways to make their places look better. Here is a common issue. I build a tower to cross my walls with a walkway to the other side, I cannot place a lined up foundation piece to line up with my walkway that is above. I also cannot extend my walkway more than one square out, before I could extend out two. If I am lucky I can line up for three tiles out if I manage to touch the single on the other side of the span. Do I need to draw you a picture here?

Let me know if you cannot understand this, but these are clearly bothersome issues. BTW the best way to stop raid towers is to make tool boxes control larger areas and not in a simple sphere but to control in a cylinder of unlimited height.

This no touching areas tool box crap is about as dumb as dumb gets. You are only making things harder on builders, not the raiders.



Press F7 ingame, to report a bug. I will try and recreate your issues and see if they exists for me.

I’m having the same problem with the triangle foundations, it’s almost impossible to put 2 doors in in a single tri-foundation. Even if i manage to put one, i get raided and then i can’t put it back again, so honeycomb airlocks are impossible to make. Idk if anything changed in that regard the last few months (since i just started playing again 3 weeks ago) or it’s a bug with door collision, but is very annoying, since i find the honeycomb structures very nice and secure.