Triangulate multiple .obj at once


So my problem is that my .obj won’t be converted to .smd because they need to be triangulated, the problem is, I don’t want to pass through a 3D software (3DS Max, Blender, Maya etc) to triangulate them, because I’ll have to do it one by one and it’ll be really time consuming when I have about five hundreds of them.

I converted the models that were .nif to .obj automatically (well not really, it’s just an autoit, I’ll give it to you if you want) and now I want to convert them to .smd automatically, problem is, they’re not triangulated, so it doesn’t work. (I tested with obj2smd and studiomdl, doesn’t work.)

My goal is to convert a lot of Fallout: NV Props to .mdl automatically. There was the script from Overv, but link’s dead, Overv isn’t connected since two days, and nobody still has it.

If maybe you know a way to do triangulate multiple .obj at once, or an alternative to all of this, it’ll be really kindful and helpful!


You can use batch export/import script for 3ds max, just check “triangulate on import” function when “OBJ import options” window appears and it automaticly import all models and triangulate them in the process. After that you can export them back in .obj format with that same script.

Thanks! It works now, it was really quick and a correct answer!