Tribal Metrocop - Getting serious.


I’d have to say this is my best yet. What do you guys think? But I do think the first ones camera angle is very plain. :pwn:

Oh yeah and, the graphics are up as high as they can go.

(Please don’t ask for models)

Best yet?.. Good Lord, what’s your worst?

The lighting is pretty damn bad, posing is OK.

Eyes could be brighter, IMO.

My Alyx in a fire picture.

It’s to dark.

C’mon, 98 views, only 2 posts?

Please comment, good or bad.

Bad. Don’t expect any better comments.

wow you took a picture of a model that look’s retared and made it dark good job.

I think the glow in the eyes should be brighter. Like, stand out instead of being dark with the rest of the picture.

well to be honest not only does it seem quite ridiculous for a civil protection agent to paint his uniform in that manner (he or she would probably be fired or, in the worst case, forced into the process used to create the combine soldiers), i have no clue where this agent would possibly find glowing paint.

Why’s he holding his gun that way? :?