Tribal Warfare - Alpha

Tribal Warfare - Alpha
**-**100 Client Slots
**-**East Coast
**-**PvP Optional
** -**Fresh Map

Hello everyone. I have purchased a new Rust server and am looking to populate it with many different personalities. This server is PvP based but allows each client to do as they choose without being forced to a specific play style. There are no major rules other than no blocking off lootboxes and no exploits. The client connect time has been set properly to avoid basic dupe methods. I will be the only admin for now and may expand to a 5 person squad in the future. If I can get a common playerbase I will be creating a website/forum with some nice features such as weekly submitted videos, giveaways, PvP arena matches and possibly airdrops on special occasions. This post will be updated in conjunction with the website when released. Anyone who is looking to build up should join now since there are no players and thus noone to take your loot/airdrops from you. We do have an admin center built on the map that can be used as a trade location or hangout. So far this game has been very promising and the more the developers contribute to Rust, the more I will contribute to the server. I may also start a guild once a good base of players has been established. I hope to see many of you there. Just simply search the primary server list for “Tribal Warfare - Alpha”. Enjoy and happy hunting!

Any questions or concerns about the server please send me a private message. Thank you.

We have updated the server to the latest alpha patch. (12/9/13) We are looking for admins. Please send a PM if looking for a server.

I have been having fun building around bambis and leaving a door in a crate for them. Anyone that join this server looking for an easy start you may wake up to a suprise!

Version 1 of our admin center has been built as well as a small village. We are slowly populating with friendly but cautious players that are ready to help bambis get rolling.

Admin abuses abilities in game to aid those he likes. Would not recommend if you want a true rust experience.

Funk was slaughtering bambis while I was trying to drop supplies for them. I let funk KOS multiple times and finally decided to take my kevlar back. He ragequit as usual and No, I did not ban him or destroy his house.

I guess by “True Rust Experience” you mean bambis getting killed over and over again until they quit the server anyway, thus ruining the chance of ever filling it with over 10 people.

Thanks for the bump Funk. :slight_smile:

We have started RAIDing and now the server is very PvP heavy. Please be aware if you join up that many players outside the tower are KOS.

The server has been updated and is properly accepting connections since the 12/18/13 bug. If you are having trouble connecting to your primary server please give ours a try. :smiley:

The server has been updated to the latest patch as of 12/19/13. We will not wipe servers unless absolutely necessary so that players do not have to continually lose interest in the game. If you are tired of getting wiped out then try our server. Thanks.