Tribes 2 model ports

Hey, could someone port or show me how to port models from the freeware game Tribes 2? here is a link to the game:

Here is a pic from the game also

Why not instead just port from Tribes:V
The models are overall much better.

which reminds me I might finish this sooner or later

I agree with wraith. Tribes 2 used the same five low quality models for all factions, even though a few of the skins were neater (Diamond Sword, anyone?) than others.
I’d love to get my hands on the Blood Eagle armors from Vengeance. The female medium was especially cool looking.

Of course, we could also wait for Tribes: Ascend and see what kind of awesomeness they’ve got in store for us…

ok, thanks!

I am actually working one this, unfortunately not porting to GMOD but instead to paper models. I have all the models extracted and you can open them with Milkshape. So you will need to do all the work from there or ask some one to help you out, I can supply you with the models and textures :slight_smile:

Getting the models themselves is actually incredibly simple. But it’s possible to port them fairly quick due to a shared skeleton as well. Since you can more or less use the work done on one model to port all the others very quickly.

hey wraith, how easy (or hard) would it be to port the weapon V and W models for sweps and stuff from T2?

getting the models is insanely easy.
Sweps - well never did those but I’d assume it’s quite a lot of work, since you also have to create particle effects for all the weapons and stuff like that.

ok, how do i rip or port em’?

use umodel -

thanks again!

EDIT: nope, doesn’t Support Tribes 2 :frowning:

It does support Tribes Vengeance, though. I think that’s what she was saying.

ok… does anyone know where i can find a ripper/ model viewer for the Torque engine???


-Second BUMP- :frowning: