Tribes: Ascend pack

[tab]Includes:[/tab] Pathfinder, Soldier, Juggernaut from both teams, and both team’s flags. Each model has bodygroups for their weapons and a separate prop of the weapons as well.

[tab]Credits:[/tab] **Hi-Rez Studios for their fantastic models and [url=**]game, you should play it, Random Talking Bush (RTB) for extracting the textures and helping with fingerposing and other various issues; and Joazzz for touching up the textures and making them look fantastic.

[tab]Promotional image (by Joazzz):[/tab]

[tab]Download links:[/tab]
[tab]Blood Eagle:[/tab]
High quality texture pack

[tab]Diamond Sword:[/tab]
High quality texture pack

It’s also got a GMod 13 Workshop download now!


Updated the download links and models. To get it on I had to shrink the textures down to 512x512, so you’re gonna wanna download the texture packs as well. Bit of a hassle, but it’s the only thing I could do. Alternatively you can go get them from the workshop for GMod 13. Special thanks to Joazzz for getting the textures all shiny and new.


holy hell, nice work sworder!

Oh, kickass! Thanks!

I remember how amazing that teaser trailer looked when they were just doing close up shots of the armor (with the rock paper scissors bit snuck in) and godamn they still look just as good. Thanks much for the release.


Gotta go fast!

You are the GREATEST.

I went slow once and it was awful.

Hey, how did you export the textures? Last time I tried they all came out black. Did they change the packaging somehow? And due to the way it was launched was impossible to rip them. Might be doable with global monitoring and XP I guess.

This comment made me remember I have Super MNC Beta JuiceBot mesh with its own skeleton… Too bad I have no idea how compiling ragdolls works ;_; even if I look at Mariokart64n tutorial and some simple decompiled ragdolls… Well it’s just that I want it compiled but I have to rename the bones to Valve.bip format as I understand and resize the skeleton and the mesh.

Nice work on the models I liked playing the Beta version of this game.

I’ve wanted these for a while. VGW.

Just took a look at your materials. To be honest they could use some work.

The specmap is in the detail for some reason, you don’t have an alpha in the normal and the textures could easily be downscaled without loosing sharpness. Considering just how blurry they are.

Still a nice release.


If you’d like to help me make them better then please do. As far as I know, Source doesn’t support colored specular, which all of the models use; best I could do to emulate it (in a way) was to use it as a detail texture, unless is some way to use colored specular and I’ve been living under a rock. And I don’t have an alpha in the normal maps? Maybe you were looking at the only one that doesn’t have an alpha in the normal map (BE Heavy). 'Cause all the rest of them do have it.

Anyway, if you’d like you can toy around with it, if you get a better result let me know 'cause I’m at a loss of how to make it look better. I really want these to be the best possible.

Filthy sandrakers

You could try simulating the coloured specular with tinted envmaps or phong.

Also, I didn’t like how the strong phong exponent makes the armor look like plastic, so I changed it a bit. I also added proper phong mask to the normal maps so that the unarmored parts aren’t as shiny as the rest, and some self illum too. Oh, and scaled the textures down by half because IMHO 2048x2048 is high-res enough for Source.

Otherwise, I’m loving this shit. Absolutely loved the BE armor designs from the beginning.

Give me yer shit nao.

Who, me?