Tribes Vengeance characters

The light and medium tribes vengeance playermodels.
They’re just ragdolls and are not on the valve biped. Just saying ahead of time.
All light and medium beagles, imperials and phoenixes as well as the cybrid assassin.

Last thing - some of the models include a variant skingroup.

fan-F***ING TASTIC, and i havent even heard of this game before, but the ragdolls look soo goood, i may have to have a look at it now

fantastically done

EPIC! thank you for porting! you receive 5 Internets

This made logging in today worth it.


Looks rad

Tribes Vengeance female characters*

If you take a moment to look you’ll notice it’s both male and female lights and mediums

their phys are a bit weird but its good
awesome release!

Now there is something unique.

Looks nice, good work!