tribus medicus strike force

Honestly, those medics just look badass. Though I’m really not sure how much healing they’d end up doing :v:

with the overflow of F2P players that are eager to help the team we combat medics finally get to do the things we want to do.

Just badass.
Needs some epic explosion or fire in the background for more epicness

It’s cool, your work getting better and better. =)

Death Korp of Krieg anyone :smug:

infact, yes. They served as inspiration when i did this (they’re my favourite unit in wh40k board game, i have 3 regiments)

re-made my idea again :confused: no creds?

your actually right about that.
this pic form quite some time ago inspired me to do work back then, but this time i didnt thinkof that pic, but the gasmask helm combination is originaly from that one.

great posing though on the photo its great

Slave of the false emperor.

There is only the Emperor,
and he is our Shield and Protector.

Nice picture mate. Artistic and all that. By the way, every Guard Regiment pales in comparison to the Steel Legions.

The posing is just straight up epic, nicely done.