Trick or Treat

A feel-good film about a little counter terrorist going out to trick or treat on halloween

This just looks like a sequence of random bullshit happening.
Wacky stuff can be funny if there is somewhat of a meaning behind it.

But there is NO REASON for any of this to be happening, so its just weird.

In a moment of utter silence I take off my glasses, remove my headphones, push away my laptop by a couple of inches, lean back in my leather chair and proceed to contemplate for five seconds, while maintaining unbreakable eye contact with the monitor, in order to absorb what I have just watched.

I lift my hands slowly but gently perpendicular to my torso and begin to clap.



clap clap clap clap clap clap. …

Utter bliss.

The perfect shit

Give this man a Nobel Prize!!!

This actually entertained me, I have never seen anything this bad since the Saxxy 2013 awards’ worst submissions.