Trident Ground Cannon (and Spacebuild Battle Compilation Video #2)

Battle Compilation Video

The Trident Ground Cannon is a general planet ground defense turret. It features a built-in fusion power generator, defense shield, missile point defense flakk cannon, and two cruiser-class pulse cannons. It needs to be placed near water, and the pump must be placed in the water for it to be functional.

Some of these images are low quality due to cropping. The spaceships vary between decent and pretty newb :slight_smile:

I fucking need to get back into spacebuild.

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+1 winner to you!

The giant images hurt my eyes.

It’s nice, though. Makes me want to get back into spacebuild.


on what server does that occur?

People still use my map :o
Pity I left it with a crapload of bugs and general shittiness.

Thanks guys. The server is Diaspora, and is the continuation of McBuilds after it was shut down. It is running quite a bit of custom content for the weapon systems, mining, and e2 stuff. You can find the server info and required svns here:

That is your map? Wow. That map is epic! The amount of detail put into it is just unreal. Unfortunately it is the least liked map on the server because it lags like hell when a lot of players are on. You are one hell of a map maker though.

Holy shit that thing looks so awesome

Yeah, I might get around to remaking it one day. Out of all the maps I’ve made I enjoyed making that one the most, although trying to create largely rectangular things in the confines of a spherical space is a hair-tearer. I’m getting quite good at modelling shit now so who knows. Maybe during the holidays.

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Shit, forgot to comment in the contraptions :v:

I love the vibe you’ve got going on with the cannon. It’d be cool if it painted any incoming enemies with a bright red laser before it starts firing, as a kind of “fuck off if you know what’s good for you” signal.

The combat seems very interesting, but it also looks laggy with only a couple ships on the screen. Is that just because of the video recording, or is that the server having trouble?

Well if it’s as poor as I remember then that’s the server.

That trident cannon is pure sexiness. I would have never expected anything like that from you paper.

On the other hand, it can’t be used outside of multiplayer/spacebuild, so I’m shit out of luck :c

Good old destructive fun

God damn you guys and your ability to make things work.