Tried to make a How to Rust Video...

I tried to make a “How to rust” video and things ended badly… Like you would expect on Rust. Watch if you want.
I welcome hate with open arms and a kiss like usual. Enjoy the bad commentary.

Isn’t this kinda like your last video you posted on the forum?

I mean I get the joke “haha look how easy it is to die” but this is the second video you’ve made a thread for with the same material.

The same material being the game “Rust”? The other one was a little different in my opinion. But I can see your point and I can’t really argue.

“the pussy destroyer”

You should never bring the pussy destroyer out in the open.

If only I brought it out a second sooner I reckon I would of made that guy my bitch. He would of been shitting rad pills.