Tried to replicate a pic from Call of Duty

I didn’t have the intent to keep the content (models etc.) same, instead I wanted to get the angle and the context as similar as possible.
My result:

The image I tried to replicate:

Actually, I think u can find models of remastered MW SAS for Garry’s on facepunch

Pay attention to the fingerposing of the hand on the foregrip. Notice how in the MWR screenshot his hand is facing more forward, keeping in line with his forearm and the base of his thumb follows the gun instead of bending to it. Because his hand lines with him arm his fingers naturally point forward, folding up to conform with the gun leaving the index finger the outermost and foremost leaving the others wrapping back around behind it. Now look at yours and notice how the palm is more on a 90 degree angle to the gun with the knuckles being parallel instead of angled. Also how the hand bends away from the arm to line up the fingers with the gun instead. It ends up looking stiff and awkward and tends to ruin an entire picture, especially a portrait, even when everything else is done well. It’s hard to explain perfectly, I guess just look at some examples and practice to see what you can do.