- Triforce Mafia - Come join us! :D

Hey Guys! I know it’s difficult and even irritating to find a good server, let alone deal with one that isn’t so great. I just recently started up a server on HFB for RUST and you are all welcome to join us! It’s 100 slots. We currently have up to 15 people on at a time and would love to see more.

The only things I don’t tolerate is Newb “Sport Hunting” aka Killing newbs just because you’re bored, severe grieving of others, and of course, cheating. Anything else goes and you are free to roam the world!

There won’t be any wipes as this is a new server and personally I dislike wipes myself(Unless the Developers strongly recommend or require it). I’m a very friendly Admin and I’m happy to answer questions if there are any. If there is any suspicious activity, or the above listed issues, please contact me immediately and it will be handled fairly. I want everyone to have a great gaming experience - especially with such a unique game that has such high potential!

Server Info: - You can connect via Console(F1) if you cannot find it in the lobby.
Server Name: - Triforce Mafia - New/NoSleep
Admins: Kazuma5201
No Sleepers
PvP Enabled
Anti_Cheat Enabled
Active Admin
Currently a 24/7 server, soon to be set to 4pm to 2am EST server.
Nearly Lag-Free and always a ping of less than 100
Admin creating camps/buildings to be “claimed” by whomever.
Also creating Mazes with variable bonuses at the top/end.

If you have any questions please message me!

Side Note: I’m pretty much just there to build and spectate, but I am very slowly building small to large mazes in which some good rewards can be tucked away in them :slight_smile:

I love this server!