Trigger console commands?

Is there a was to set a trigger to a console command (sv_gravity 50, maybe) I was playing with triggers, but I couldn’t figure it out.

point_clientcommand entity.

It would be point_servercommand for stuff like that, but i guess that is said in the link

I figured that out. Now my map is almost complete! now, if only it were half way decent…

can u use rcon with it?

RCon…? Why would RCon have anything to do with this, other than they are both methods of entering commands.

nevermind, i knew there was point_servercommand other than clientcommand

if a map has 0 gravity it IS half decent XD

no, if it has 0 gravity it would be crap

you lie

give me one reason to lie

u are the heavy

and dont be so queer

good nuff’

It’s mostly a map for me and my friends to be bored in…it’s kinda like a meditation room, where you spawn stuff and smash it with the boulder, and i use it to give me new map ideas…

oh :3: