Trigger Hurt Standard Value


I run a flood server and ive been wondering is it possible to “standardise” values in which a player takes damage from the water.

Ive noticed that when a player dies it says “trigger hurt” then player name.

I found this code to make it so player takes 0 damage:

hook.Add(“PlayerShouldTakeDamage”, “No trigger_hurt”, function(ply, attacker)
if(attacker:GetClass() == “trigger_hurt”) then
return false;

Would it be possible to make it so it returns a config value for example:

FLOOD.Configurations[ “WaterDamage” ] = 5 – amount of damage water does to a player per interval (specified by map)

Any Help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards


hook.Add("PlayerShouldTakeDamage", "No trigger_hurt", function(ply, attacker)
	if(attacker:GetClass() == "trigger_hurt") then
		return false
		ply:TakeDamage( FLOOD.Configurations[ "WaterDamage" ] )

Try this.

Though you’ll want to take damage before returning.


Would this Override what the map sets as damage or apply it on top? (map specifys damage per interval)