Trigger_Once Does not work correctly for First Multiplayer Round

So, curious issue here…

I think this reflects the limitations of the source engine in a multiplayer situation, but hopefully one of you have an idea as to how to fix it.

Essentially i have somewhere near 150 or so Trigger_Once Entities on my map,

These Entities are not named (Maybe they should be…)

But each one individually triggers a piece of the map breaking when triggered, making for a dynamic experience.

The problem, is that generally on the first round of the game on multiplayer. The Triggers trigger, yet the objects below them do not break. I understand that they trigger because a visual counter i implemented does activate, yet the func_Breakables do not break. Sometimes they may break after a long delay (30 seconds), or sometimes they will not break at all.

I’ve only experienced this issue on a dedicated server with 6+ players on it, as previously on my own local server i experience no problems whatsoever.

This problem also seems to cause server crashes, sometimes when the triggers are set off, they correctly break the pieces below them, and seconds later the entire server freezes and restarts.

Any Ideas?

The entities rely on the server to know where clients are in a level so that it works right, Its not your fault that the entities aren’t working, its the server for not picking up the position of players fast enough. Best thing I can sayis to make the triggers larger.

Why are you making tons of redundant entities?

All you need to do is tick the “Break on Pressure” flag on the func_breakable and set the breakables health to something low.

Intresting… that could be more efficient and simpler then using entities everywhere.

The only issue is, players need to walk over the surface until pieces from above fall on them. I will toy with that idea to see if it might work. The pieces also can’t break from anything BUT the entities above.

From what i see, break on pressure and touch will break due to players. Hopefully i can try simply setting the weight of the above falling objects very high, and when the pieces are hit, they take a large amount of physics damage. Pretty much making them immune to everything but heavy objects.


Semi-bump here, Do physics objects do damage on func_breakable when they collide with them?

If the Break on Pressure is selected and the force is hard enough, yep.

So bump here, Doesn’t break on pressure mean that any player, falling on them will break them?

Can i designate the pressure required somewhere?

No need to answer that. I just found out.

NO, break on pressure and touch do not work in this situation. How else would i replace those functions?

Break on pressure works based on how much weight is being applied to the breakable object. For every second something is on the brush, health is subtracted from the breakable object until it reaches zero and then it breaks. The more weight that’s on the brush, the faster it breaks.

Intresting, but as i found out recently, the area is designed so that only a trigger will work ):

If you want something to fall from above when someone steps on the breakable, use the “break on pressure flag” and use an “OnDamaged” output to trigger whatever from above. It will generally trigger whatever when someone or something touches the breakable.