trigger_remove Crash-to-Desktop


Garry’s Mod isn’t happy when you trigger_remove entities that you are holding with the Physics Gun. Placing the NPC into a hole and pressing a button to remove it not only solidified what I was trying to accomplish, but stopped the crash.

I confirmed this by trying to do it with a prop_physics_multiplayer instead, and it was able to be deleted while holding the prop with the Physics Gun. Once I picked up a ragdoll, any ragdoll, with the Physics Gun and touched the remover, it crashed.

Solved and I hope this is useful for someone else!

Can you test Dev branch?

If it also crashes there, care to post a map to replicate the issue?

I honestly have no idea what went wrong.

I just made the test map for you, to replicate the crash, and the test map worked perfectly fine. So, I went back to the problematic map I was making, and reverted all my changes back to where it was crashing. When I compiled and ran it, I was able to drop a ragdoll into the trigger_remove with no crash, in the exact same setup and fashion as it was when I made this original post.

I guess the supermoon that night screwed with my map or something, because it’s working fine now.

Do you have .mdmp files from the day you crashed? Assuming it’s GMod that crashed.

Indeed I do, there were five of them.

Not sure how to open them, so they’re yours.

Yeah this crash should be fixed in the Dev branch, but not in the live version of the game. ( No betas )