Triggering an env_fire?

I’m relatively new to mapping so sorry if this sounds like a noob question but:

I’m trying to make an arena in my map where, when triggered, the place catches fire - but - when the player leaves the area (dies) I want the fires to go out.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried just using the “Enable” and “Start Fire” inputs on the env_fire’s but don’t they work or something? Mine don’t. I have more entities triggered by this trigger_multiple and they work fine, what am I doing wrong?

Alright, alright. Go through this step by step and it should work. Have a trigger_multiple named whatever, and have fire entities wherever you want them. Next, put in the outputs of trigger_multiple: OnStartTouch > Fire Name(s) > StartFire. Then put in the outputs again: OnEndTouch > Fire Name(s) > Extinguish. It’s pretty simple really. Make sure in the flags of the trigger_multiple that the only thing that activates it are clients. Post if it doesn’t work.

Still doesn’t seem to work, I even tried making new entities but I couldn’t work them either.

Managed to get the env_fires to ignite by changing the “Start Disabled” option to “No” - Having trouble turning them off, will keeping trying for now.

Second Edit:
Got it working! Changed the duration to 1 second, my extinguish doesn’t seem to work but having it like this seems to work fine. Thanks for the help! :woop:

No problemo. :gbsmith: