Triggering NumberPad Effects

Today I decided to make a water ride out of nothing but boredom. This water ride is…well there isn’t any story and it’s not based on anything but it has a lot of cool stuff. Some of these cool things are fire and sparks going off when the boat reaches a certain point. I have the sparks and fire made but I don’t know how to make them trigger when the boat reaches a certain point. Is there something I could do with wire so whenever the boat goes into a laser it goes off or something? I have never used wire so I’m clueless on what to do. :v:


Use a Wire Ranger (Check Output Distance and show beam, nothing else). Connect a Wire Emitter to the ranger using the Wire (Advanced) tool. When something passes the beam, the emitters will emit.

Thanks, and if anyone else has another way share it because I want to try to find the easiest way. Divran yours sounds easy though.

EDIT: I cant find Wire Emitter. Where is it?

Keep looking. It’s somewhere in the Wire tab…

Oh and I said “Wire (Advanced) Tool” because the Advanced tool is actually easier to use than the normal tool.
As an example, spawn an “Adv Pod Controller” and aim at it using both tools. With the normal wire tool, you will only see 1 single input at a time. With the Adv wire tool you will see all inputs at the same time, which makes everything so much easier.

Oh x2: I forgot 1 more thing. You need to check “Default to 0” on the ranger as well, or it will output a distance when nothing is hitting the beam, making the emitter constantly emit.

I still can’t find the emitter. What sub heading is it under?

Wire - Render

Or type this into your console:


I don’t have it. Maybe I have an older version of wire. What is the newest version of it?

Seriously. If you don’t have the Emitter you must have a… like… 2 year old version…
For fun, type “wire_printversion” into your console… let’s see how far behind you are.
As I write this, I’m updating wire.

Let’s see.
Current version is: 1749
But it won’t stay there for long. It’ll be 1750 within a couple of hours.

To get the latest SVN version of Wiremod, use this tutorial:

I typed it in and got this,

:1: unfinished string near ‘"===============================’

Okay nevermind that. Asked a Wiremod admin, and he said you have a version from before the wire_printversion command was added.
He also said the wire emitters were added in revision 1000 (193 days ago).
So I was a bit wrong :>
But still, a pretty long time ago.

So, either you can download the latest version (STRONGLY SUGGESTED)
Or you can use a detour: Connect a Wire Numpad Output to the ranger and use a normal emitter.

Thank you for the help and the reason my wire was so out dated is because I recently got a new computer (one that can run games well) and I had to re-download all of my gmod files. So I quickly found the first wire download and downloaded it. But thanks for the help.