Trine models?

So has anyone here played this freaking epic game? It’s literally the best 3D sidescroller (“2.5D”) game I’ve ever played. It’s like Little Big Planet and Fable fucked and had a child.

Anyway, The models are absolutely amazing in the game, especially the foliage. I was wondering if anyone was up to the task of porting the models over to Source. Here is some pictures to give you a quick idea:
I would honestly love anyone who simply just ported the mushroom models.

Some useful things:

The game content is contained in 3 individual .FBZ archives, which can be explored and such using Dragon Unpacker. The main archive is located in the install directory for the game, and is called “data1.FBZ.” This contains the actual models and scripts and other misc shit; however the textures for them are in a .FBZ in another folder called “dev.” Inside there you will see “cache.FBZ.” This folder contains your textures. There’s a “audio_cache.FBZ” which obviously contains all your sounds.

The textures are in .FBI format, which can simply be converted to .DDS by renaming the file and changing .FBI to .DDS (windows has to show file extensions in order to do this of course). This works FLAWLESSLY, trust me. The sound files are in .FBA format and can be converted to .OGG in the same manner. Again, this works perfectly.

However, the models are .S3D format. All I know is that these will require the program Strata 3D (probably Strata Design 3D in particular). I’m not very educated when it comes to models and such, so I have NO leads other than what program the files are associated with (Strata 3D). I’d imagine you can open them up in their original program, then export them to a format like .OBJ or any other suitable format to be imported in to 3DS Max or XSI (whichever you prefer).

That’s about all the info I can give you. At least porting the textures isn’t piss-hard. :smiley:

Anyway, I don’t expect someone to jump on this, but hopefully someone will take on this task. I’m currently in the process of acquiring Strata 3D to see if I can experiment and try and get these models in the program or something.

Like I said before though…I would even settle for just the mushrooms and nothing else. I love mushrooms, they’re fucking cool, and the ones in this game were amazingly well-done, along with the rest of the game.

I agree to the brilliance of the game and I know many of the dev team personally. But still, I can’t really help with the models.

You know the Trine dev team personally? O.o

How lucky. I’d love to meet them. :smiley:

Anyway, it’s ok if no one wants to do this. Maybe if I learn some more then I’ll be able to do it myself…or maybe I’ll just make my own models. :0