Trinity Universe Models

Heres the main characters, theres like 400 files of annoying looking NPC monsters I didnt feel like sorting through, if you really want them then ill get them
I might do weapons later… maybe, extracting from this game is annoying

All models are in OBJ format


I know what you mean by that. About four-fifths of them are just retextures which are stored as separate files for some reason. Not to mention that Idea Factory seems to like re-using their monster designs in their games (considering that 90% of those monsters ended up being recycled in Hyperdimension Neptunia, for example).

Yeah not only that but each model needs either fliping of backfaces or flipping UVs, rotating model ect, after doing about a hundred of them your just like, well fuck it.

Thanks plasmid. And hi Random T Bush.
Weapons would be cool.


Good job on another set of rips Plasmid.

You are credit to team!

Plasmid one last thing…can you post (when you have some free time) and off course…if you can…just the weapons/Spears of Etna? Thanks!

bumping a 2 week old thread, You could have Pm’d him.

not ganna do the weapons, sorry I dont even have the files anymore, extracting from this game pissed me off to much to do more then the characters, it just isnt really worth it when everything is low quality.

Ok ok don’t worry. Awesome as always man :wink: Keep it on!