Trinity Universe's Etna, Flonne, and Prinny (from Disgaea)

I was wondering (and hoping) if someone would be able to rip and rig the models of Etna, Flonne, and Prinny from Trinity Universe. The three of them are from Disgaea, and have, until this game, not had a 3D appearance, at least not modeled, as far as I’m aware. I most want Etna, but if I could have all three, that would be great.

I must admit, I haven’t had the chance to play the game yet, though I do own a copy, so I’m really not sure what the models look like aside from these screenshots.

If the models are capable of it, I’d also like them with Face, Finger, and Eye posing, or whichever ones they are capable of. If the faces are textured, then some different skins of different emotions or faces, if any exist, would be appreciated.




Game Screens;

And if anyone knows how to make thumbnails or just how to shrink images a bit without editing the image, that would be great. I have another screen or two, but they’re a tad large.

Also, I don’t know if the characters come with default weapons in game, but if they do and it’s possible, could someone port those as props too? Thanks in advance, I appreciate it!


Heh, it would be funny shoot to the ragdoll of Etna XD.

Maybe with DXRipper?

Not possible, it’s a PlayStation 3 game.

(EDIT: I meant using that program to rip them, not ripping them in general.)

the model format is pssg.
its the same format as hyperdimension neptunia.
so it would be possible to get these models

Those have got to be the most perverted character models I’ve ever seen. Was the guy who designed them a 50 year old pedophile?

most of the models are fairly clothed except for the swimsuit models. I am not sure what your getting at.

First 2 pictures.

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Especially the first one.

you should say what pictures you meant i thought you were talking about the site i linked.

So it’s possible to get them then? That’s great! Do you think you could possibly try to rip them chrrox?

Both of those characters use the old “she looks 8 but she’s actually half a million years old” excuse.

Of course you probably already figured that out by the presence of demon wings/tail.

Etna is approximately 1470 as of her first appearance. Flonne is 1509.

Their ages vary depending on the game. Disgaea 2 adds 3 years, etc.

In-universe excuse is that demons age 100 times slower than humans.

I have been meaning to work on the pssg format for a while its just an extremely annoying format.
I got my script reading through the entire file now at least so i can start parsing the data.
There are a lot of games that use the pssg format so once its cracked open tons of model imports are possible.

That’s totally awesome. Good luck with that man, I really hope you can crack it!

Oh now i know what you mean about the 1st 2 pics lol if you think that is bad look at this.

100% Support of this thread & Subscribed! The closest thing I can find of something like this is a reskin of Peach (Etna) and Metaknight (Prinny). To bad Laharl wasn’t in it.

I’m trying to filter my way through all of that, but I don’t see anything in regards to extracting the models, only help that is for all I know so far is that there is a possible way to extract them. We just don’t know how yet.

I got the format parsed and now textures are extracting just need to do the model section next.
Here are etna’s textures if people want to see

You’re good chrrox. You’re very good.

Have a Winner. And an internet while you’re at it. I can’t wait to see what you pull out next.

You. Are. Interwebs. God!!!