TrioriGaming - Metro2033RP


Really good site, worth visiting.
Personally, I’ve been excited for a Metro 2033 gamemode.
And…well… here it is.

Goodluck with this guys.

It does seem genuinely promising.
Hopefully it won’t be the titanic like most RPs

Thanks… uhm? who are you lol?
I mean forum username?

I have hope for this community, going to check it out.

So, how’s all the models and maps going? I’d think you would post them here.

Look here for their models so far

Like I said, there is hope.

It… Looks so amazing… I want to play right now.

Too bad the release date is to be announced.

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I am genuinely saddened.

Not exactly, 2weeks at max I think.
Not sure yet, haven’t asked the lead devs.

Depending on the vacancy of the developers themselves, it will take roughly what he said.

And with it up and running.

Well we’ve updated the script a little and added new features to it.
We’ll post these publicly later.

Ah, cool, is there a eta?

Not yet, but there will be.
If you want to know more info please signup on the forums, we have a ETA at the top of the page which is soon to commence + closed beta applications are now open for it.

link plznao


Looks cool, is this somehow connected to X-Hosters Metro 2033 RP?
Forums seem to be similar and there are same members.

No, originally we were part of X-hosters but things got complicated with their formal owner “Tokiz” so we decided to continue the project on ourselves in a new community.
Therefore opening Triorigaming.

We’re in no way affiliated with X-hosters.

This is not promising in and there’s nothing to be excited about. What you see here is just another community attempting M2033RP. The models are not ported to GMod and I won’t see them ported in this community either. They will use Kuro’s gamemode and plugins which are not exclusive in any way. If I am wrong and the notable features already exist then I demand them to be shown to prove that this is not a false promise.