Triple Kill One C4 kill + 2 pistol kills

i was raiding their base not knowing they were close by. I got through the first metal door and finished cleaning out all the boxes. Suddenly i heard footsteps outside and i didn’t know who they were , apparently they were farming near by. Reacted quick enough to plant that c4 killing one instantly. After that you can see the rest. I know the breathing ! it was 4:00 am and about 45 F. My heart was racing and i had to concentrate XD

nice skills brah! gave you a sub too 'cause i like rust vidyas.

Yeah, that 9mm can be pretty powerful.
I once handled group of 4 people in a narrow corridor building with just 3 medkits.
Two more respawned and came back and got killed by me again.
Unfortunately was not recording.

yeah that 9 mm pistol is really deadly. Some people don’t care enough to craft them but i do!

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Thanks bro! i also stream everyday

Have to say that this is pretty impressive but those LP dudes were going hard with those nades too hah!

that is some terrible aim