Tripod in the night

I see a sun at night?


^ exactly, but i was thinking “dose boobs” you know they look like green boobs

or a mosquito face, the 2 big insect eyes and the stinger in the middle

And by night you mean day?

Looks pretty copy and paste to me due to the white pixel edges.

That’s a model error, More than 2 inches away from it and bam the AA’s gone.

Dont use that model then

Then what’s the point of the damn picture then eh? Why do you always say “dont use that model get a higher res one that’s shitty” When maybe the creator wants THAT EXACT MODEL TO BE IN THE PICTURE?

But you could have used the Strider Model. Doesnt fuck AA that much.

What? Use the strider? That would defeat the fucking POINT of the picture. Are you thick?

I can only think of one person in this thread who’s actually thick.


brightest night ever

If you think that’s what night time looks like you need to look outside your window more.

If that’s what you think daytime looks like then shit son you live in TF2. It was on a night map…



There appears to be a slight difference.


Oh, and here’s a picture of your tripod model with so-called “AA issues”


I see no AA issues. Maybe, oh, I don’t know, YOUR AA ISN’T TURNED ALL THE WAY UP.

I honestly don’t think that that’s an AA problem. If you look at the leg joints it looks a lot like he copy and pasted with the lasso tool.

Also, that is no TF2 night map. Even if it was, then can’t you tell from the screenshot you made that it looks like the sun is shining behind it?

i don’t remember the moon being so bright