Tripod in the woods at night.

First WOTW pose in a lawng tayme. first of 2.

Those lights rape my eyes.

Alien weaponry at it’s finest my dear!

How else you think they eradicated everything but england and let england take it’s pick when they all got the cold? americans are attracted to shiny lights and heatray + Ice = MELT.
Canada, North Pole, SOuth Pole, Russia, all gone.

+germany and america and shit all eradicated

Oh yay, more mediocre war of the world poses.

You never cease to amaze DB.

Take that pipe out of your mouth for once

So… it’s a barely posed ragdoll with some lights on it and four or five trees behind it? This must have taken all of three minutes to make.

I smell a flame war.

If someone needs me, I’ll be in the

The bloom is very excessive.

I thought the tripods were black,

this thing is


The original colour of the tripods is kind of unknown, but it is assumed that in the original novel they are silver/grey.


I need new pair of eyes.

The colours are bad.

Heatraying this thread in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

bloom overload

This pose makes no sense.