Tripod Kids

doing shit while mommy watches carefully ready to beat the fuck out of 'em

man that ragdoll is a bitch to pose

i should probably make a more flexible version, standards back in 2006 were so low

yep, legs are pretty fucked up, but I think I actually achieved what I wanted

anyways, a new version of the tripods would be fucking great

i actually tried doing that some time ago but never finished it. of course if i recompile it with more flexible bones now i can’t test it due to my PC being 55% fucked up and 45% piece of shit

if I knew shit, I could test them

Has anyone used the stand pose or ragdoll mover on them? They might make things easier.

Aww, they grow up fast.

Okay son now just turn on your reflecting lasers and vaporize that human.
Pew Awe son, did you see that honey, he just vaporized his first human!