Tripys 24/7 RP server!

Me and some friends from WoW got sick of mingebag RP servers with admin abusing 12 year olds.

So we paid for some hosting, and have our own server now.

Looking for some people that enjoy semi-serious RP.

We have SVN:

We require people to have to have wire and phx, because we mostly build alot of bases out of phx props, and we use wire to build alot of doors, vendors, elevators, etc.

Looking for good players! Server is hosted in Dallas

Halo: Reach.

Well, unfortunately WoW roleplaying is better than GMod roleplaying.

Plus no RDM in wow.

Most definitely.

Some more information + perhaps some ingame screenshots will make your advertisement look much more interesting. At the moment it’s kind of dull. What makes your server different from the rest? What are your goals/aspirations? These are all questions that you should answer.

Good luck!

Whats different? Its run by friends and myself. Screen shots? It looks like all the other servers, its on RP_downtown_v2 most of the time. Goals? Well, we plan to have fun, and kick minges that ruin our good time on other servers.

I think that you misunderstood, gameplay-wise; what’s different from any other server that uses DarkRP?

By screenshots I mean in-game screenshots of some rp, to show that people actually do have fun etc.

Nothing is really different, its a DarkRP server. We plan to RP, like other servers, but kick people that are mingebags.

Screens shots of people having fun? Well there is about 5 active people on the server, and we haven’t RP’d much because most of the time we have been setting up the server. This post is to get more people, so we can all RP and have a super fun time.