Trishka Asks "Do Ya Feel Lucky?"

Most of this is ingame, just made a colour variation on Photoshop. C&C

Oh, I apologise for the fugly finger posing, its a pain to get it right on these models.

Well do ya, punk?

Her neck/head posing is a little weird, but I like the rest.

I feel tits.

Booooooooooooooooooooobz :buddy:

Oh christ on a hamstring this isn’t gonna turn into a thread where people just discuss the boobs?


mammary glands

The neck is messed up but everything else looks good.

Great lighting.

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Yes, women generally tend to have them. One day when you’re all grown up, you might even get to see some real ones up close!

In the mean time, feel free to not post.

This is what I didn’t want my thread to turn into, a thread on boobs. Thanks for the C&C rossmum everyone else is commenting on her chest.

Naughty pillows.

If your gonna keep coming out with this shit, kindly take it somewhere else or you can actually comment about the picture like most normal people do on here.

Can someone upload it on other hosting please? Uppix is forbidden for me somewhy.

I’ll see what I can do, odd one that.

Sorted that help?

Yes, thanks.

In all seriousness, I like the lighting, except for some reason it makes her right eye look higher then the other.

Also I’ve run out of breast-related words that haven’t been said already.

Holy shit, link to that ragdoll now

Tits Mcgee.

Other than that, I like the picture. The lighting makes her look ten times as sexy and dangerous. To double both she needs to carry a huge penis and play sexual music.

Release section in Models/Skins go look there.

Her eyes are the same height, its just one of her eyebrows is higher then the other. Also PLEASE don’t come up with anymore they are tacky and god fuck boring!