Trishka [Bulletstorm]

Trishka model from Bulletstorm.

Comes with pretty complete face posing, and I actually made the eyes faceposeable, rather than eyeposeable. It was an experiment, seems to work pretty well. Fingerposeable as well (angles are different though, sorry). Also features custom detail textures for every material type on her body (skin, cloth, plastic, metal, leather…) as well as most of the better shaders available for Orangebox. Also includes a dumb boob slider, because at 5:30 in the morning, I thought it would be a good idea. Also includes jigglebones, for whatever reason.


Feedback/Bug Reports welcome.

Update + Gray + Rifle:

Better download before she kills my dick! Very nice, fury!

Kill my dick? What does that even mean?
I’ll kill her dick!

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Hmm, not sure if this counts as a bug, but the neck seems a little stiff, her head always faces slightly upwards and to either side.

Otherwise, not too shabby.

Yesterday the Hekaton,today Trishka tommorow Gray or Ishi

Which would you prefer? In fact…

Agree for Gray

Disagree for Ishi

Gray, but Ishi at some point, he’s a pretty cool guy. Then the creeps. :buddy:

awww yeah. download.


do those soldier guys next

Damn for a second i thought the chain saw gun was a PMC XD

The boob slider doesn’t seem to do anything. :saddowns:

Nice work, got my download.

Do you mind telling what you used to port these? Like… what modeling software did you use and how you extracted the skeletal mesh from .upk files?

Hmm, works for me. It’s not really anything significant.

It is to me.

Kidding, very very nice model Fury, looking forward to your future Bulletstorm releases. The PMC with the multiplayer skins would be pretty sweet.

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Like I said, awesome model.

Wow, I’m playing this game and thinking about someone gonna porting Bulletstorm model.
Dream comes truth now…thank you =)

3D Max, MS3D, VTA Create, UModel.

EDIT: I’d also appreciate feedback on the eye posing, since it’s different than normal eye posing methods.

At first I was like, “FUCK DIS MODL NO AYE POSN WTF!” But then I saw it in the face posing and I was no longer angry. I just wish they could rotate even further than they can. Posing-wise, I wish she was a little more flexible all around.

oh my, thats hot.
these can fill my deepest fantasies… (no minge)

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garrysmod is down … its shows me this:
Database Error! (please report this to garry @ Table ‘.\gmod_org\dl’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Cool and hot.

Mannn those fingers are a bitch to pose perfectly