Trishka does holes during lightning

The damned rain is hardly visible… :frowning:

I wanted to write how the particle stool could be improved… but nobody would care so I won’t.

Scenebuild at gm_flatgrass_night and no edit.


Portal themed pics.:
Portal is UnderWater - water is flowing out from the other one, up high on the wall

Meet the bots - /test subject stumble across bot assembly stations/

Would you come over here?! So I can shoot you…

The Turret KING

“We both said a lot of things that you’re going to regret…”

Because of the ongoing events your testing enviroment is unsupervised…

Cube and button based testing are important part of your testing experience

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please remain calm! Testing’ll continue soon!

“Does holes”. This sounds a bit nasty.

goddamn, dem water materials!

It’s really cool but zoom in, for gods sake

I would care a lot for that particle_stool enhancement thingy. I’ve always been annoyed by how fucked up it is.
Amazing scenebuild as usual.

Thanks but zoom in? So should I build stuff and at the end lose half of them because of the zoom? Why the hell would I do that?

I have only ideas which I’m sure you have too. If I could I would improve it for sure.

Thanks but due to the lack of comments I believe this is a failure too.

I don’t get it though. From time to time I see some shit scenebuilds here (not all of them of course, some of them are very good) and many user comment those: Wow! how cool is that…
and me doesn’t matter what I post I ususally get less then 10 comments.
Very disappointing…

Anyway, thanks for the comments!

In-game lightning? What is this blasphemy?!

Whatever it is, I love it.

trishka vanigrash, a test subject of the vietnam aperture science division has made her way to the surface of the facility

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serious time; the scenebuild is perfect, and oh how the rain could have made the whole picture so much sexier

i noticed that the other side of the lake, on the right of the pic near the lightning that is, looks a little too close and noticeably miniature, try to make it a bit further from the camera if you can

however, the lighting is sex, the posing has no noticeable flaws that could have been spotted, and the entire layouts of the whole scene ranging from buildings to the grounds and forests on the other sides of the lake look well done and fits very perfectly with the picture

i love it, my child

Yep. They are -as everything else- completely ingame. Cool isn’t it :slight_smile:

I did what you suggested.
+Added the missing glow to the fire and a ferris wheel.
Also tried to force a little more that “other” type of rain.

V2 at first post.

I’m glad to see that model I spent so much time on, isn’t going to waste.


you have done exceptionally well, my child

Wow that looks sexy, good job man you are rapidly improving.

Please next time ask your question in my latest thread!

I use him as an animation. I select which one I want to use and stop it at the correct time.
The same goes to the “catapult”, the mechanical arms, doors and in that picture chell too.

Thanks, man! That should be useful to me.

My only other question is: how do I use the animations?