Trishka meets the firedemon in a decaying town

It’s on gm_flatgrass_night and no edit. (scenebuild)
To be perfectly honest with you that fire was taken before the final picture. So there is a little edit: I cut that fire into the final picture.
If you want to see a different fire click here: (this is the unedited one)

and for whatever reason if you want to see the work in progress picture where I took the fire you can do it here:

I especially happy with the smashed window. (The train doesn’t have glasses or graffitis).

flatgrass angle:

I did an another xxx pic. I can’t just stop making those.
The pic. is about Trishka being chained up (both her arms and legs) in kneeling position and she’s doing what she must. I made much more skin visible then the default model has.

To view the pic. click on the link at the top of my post. This’ll open the same pic you see here. Then in the address bar increase the number after my name (kali) by one and press enter.

This method is needed so I do not break the rules the site has.

How do you get the ground texture in GMod?

The nude picture is not nearly as good as your scenebuild. The scenebuild is godlike though.

I was going to ask “What map is it?” before i’ve seen it is flatgrass
pure awesomeness

The same way as the walls. Props and materials on them +blending stuff.

That one is for people who liked the xxx-megathread.

The sky doesn’t fit but holy shit this looks nice.


Winner or Artistic?

That was what I was asking. How do you get them into Gmod?

where do all these scene build models come?

Amazing. I wanna know where you got these models from.

Rather bright, I’d tone that done, along with the sky. Otherwise, another amazing scenebuild!

I’ll look for a new sky texture then for my future pictures.

Ratings are not important. If you want to rate this it’s your choice.
Though I’m happy that you like my work :smiley:

With the material stool of course. Do you want to know the actual technical process?

They are from here and there. Oh, and there are some from over there too.
L4D 1 & 2
Dark Messiah
Fallout 3
Stranded Props <- general area building stuff but you need materials for them!

Like other said sky doesn’t fit with scene.
But overall is pretty awesome.


So, get the materials you want.

This is a general vmt file:
“$basetexture” “brick/brickfloor001a”
“$bumpmap” “brick/brickfloor001a_normal”

Modify the first line of the vmt files

Then Add lines like this to your material.lua:
list.Add( “OverrideMaterials”, “brick/brickfloor001a” )

The “brick/brickfloor001a” is the path and name of the vmt file(s).

The material.lua is located here:
If it’s not there then create it.

All the stuff you add will appear at the same order in the material stool before the default ones.

If you need more help ask it in the appropriate forum. Good luck!


Thanks for comments!

Holy fucking shit, that reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. That picture is jizzworthy