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Why you sell Super admin?

They keep making advertisements. It’s just getting silly now. A moderator should lock this thread.

And selling any sort of admin position is just stupid.

Kay… So you made a DarkDM edit and expect people to play it like Pirates of the CaribbeanDM? And I love it how you say how it’s not an RDMing type of server considering all DarkRP servers say this but just end up being the opposite. The only serious one I’ve seen is GoldRP (props to you Nutnuts). Anyway, enough harsh talk about DarkDM. Yes, why do you sell admin? I also recall a Triton Gaming from a previous thread. I guess people just aren’t creative with their community names nowadays.

It’s the same community, they are just making new threads pretending to advertise new things.

It’s just as bad as “bumping”

Or maybe, Triton Gaming is a community with several gameservers? Stop your damn slander, people. Also, DarkRP isn’t necessarily deathmatch, but it doesn’t have the capacity to be dubbed ‘serious’. Not even GoldRP, which I for one did not like due to poor administration.

You advertise all your server in one thread not in countless threads.

And you also have made a thread advertising “NAVAL RP” in the title.

Lol, We’re not selling super, That was a bare mistake. Also we are very strongly against rdm, so if it occurs the person may receive up to a week ban. And we want to advertise in different threads due to it being viewed more.

Cammy loves to double thread. As for our other posts, it’s a hassle for one person to continuously edit a thread in different sections if the OP. How to solve this clusterfuck? Multiple threads. Though Cammy’s secondary Naval RP thread was unintended.

That just proves my point. Your bumping.

DarkRP can be serious, it’s just the playerbase is doomed. Also, DarkRP is pretty much “Deathmatch with a twist” as I would call it. Don’t get me wrong, DarkRP is fun at times. But any server that I goto can’t run it right or the admins are elitist, “k u wurk 4 mai gang lets go rade and get pissd and ban wen dey kil us”. That above is 90% of DarkRP servers, which is why people give it a bad rap (or at least I do).

Edit: GoldRP was serious from what I could tell. People don’t just post on a thread and say the server is serious when it isn’t. Though you are probably right about the administration from what I can tell.

And the stupid kids head on one more time into battle!

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Understand this. My admins were from my previous Build servers, they have been admins for two years, its why I accepted them. My choice was to hire them or to fire them. The first, might leave open room for those who don’t know how to RP to abuse a bit, the second would leave the server without administration and open to all forms of abuse, glitching, so on.

I chose the lesser evil. Plus, all those who have abused have been demoted. I also have a perfectly functional admin abuse report section in my forums, should any more arise.

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I agree with all of this. Including the part about my admins. I don’t think they’re quite an experienced bunch, but at least they’re trying and most are succeeding. Two have failed me, but they were swiftly demoted.

I do not tolerate any form of elitism, unequality or discrimination in my server what-so-ever. Good thing most of my admins are leftists, so I don’t have to remind them too often.