TriXter & LeCzarJ YouTube Thread

I do not know if we are allowed this but…
We are making a YouTube series on Rust. And we fought you guys might enjoy it! So in this thread we will post all link to all latest videos we have posted.

We understand that the first 1/2 videos may be boring as not a lot action happens, but we have plenty more to show you!

It will be great if you guys could show your support, and like & comment our videos! And maybe subscribe!

Thanks in advance
Video #1 Dawn of a Rusty Beginning -

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If you guys could give us some feedback it would be great, so we know what to improve on!

Btw i am aware that my mic is loud, I have fixed it :v:

And my mic was too quiet, and I’ll fix that too:v:

I should be able to have my PoV up sometime tomorrow for everyone to watch

Someone said that to me earlier, Check out my thread it might be useful to you guys. Good Luck!

Thanks SkreamUK!