JailBreak [WIP]

Hey guys, This is a WIP Gamemode of JailBreak which is a private fretta gamemode for Other the last week I have been getting the teams setup and the weapons along with some other little features. although there are loads of JailBreak gamemodes at the moment there aren’t vary many unique ones accept from Cube, LifePunch and PG. For the others, there all Excl’s JailBreak and is fairly outdated. We hope the fact that the gamemode will be custom and have certain features will give us a boost. Instead of me talking all through this, I might as well post some media. This may look abit plain at the moment but over the weeks we should be adding allot more and enhancing the gamemode.


What to do/has been done:
What has be done?
Weapons fixed
Teams setup
Classes setup
Weapon Drop
Map voting setup

What needs to be done?
Warden system
Last Request system
Warden tools
Custom store

Additional Notes:
I hope this release is a improvement from my last one… Not to many people were happy with it, not going into detail. This should be finished soon and I hope you have a good feeling about what is going to come out of this. If you would like to help with the project feel free to PM me about what or if you would like to help.

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