JailBreak [WIP]

Hey guys, This is a WIP Gamemode of JailBreak which is a private fretta gamemode for Other the last week I have been getting the teams setup and the weapons along with some other little features. although there are loads of JailBreak gamemodes at the moment there aren’t vary many unique ones accept from Cube, LifePunch and PG. For the others, there all Excl’s JailBreak and is fairly outdated. We hope the fact that the gamemode will be custom and have certain features will give us a boost. Instead of me talking all through this, I might as well post some media. This may look abit plain at the moment but over the weeks we should be adding allot more and enhancing the gamemode.


What to do/has been done:
What has been done?
Weapons fixed
Teams setup
Classes setup
Weapon Drop
Map voting setup

What needs to be done?
Warden system
Last Request system
Warden tools
Custom store

Additional Notes:
I hope this release is a improvement from my last one… Not to many people were happy with it, not going into detail. This should be finished soon and I hope you have a good feeling about what is going to come out of this. If you would like to help with the project feel free to PM me about what or if you would like to help.

Double thread, broken images, and why are you using fretta?

Are you going to release it? What other gamemodes are you using if you’re using fretta? Also, what’s the difference between “What has to be done?” and “What needs to be done?”

Using fretta. Website looks like crap. Images don’t even work.

amazing site original and creative background


Nice images. It really helps that we can’t see them.

Sorry, having issues with the host. Will be sorted soon

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And this is got to be the last time I ever make a release thread on here. People just don’t respect what I’m trying to do. I don’t see why you all need to be assholes about it.

wait fretta isnt broken to shit?

No it was converted to Gmod 13. The only reason I was using Fretta because the round settings were already setup with the round time and respawns in middle of rounds and stuff. Made it allot easier.

where can you find it, i’ve been interested in writing a few gamemodes for it to practice

I honestly wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll get somewhere with this. Just a word of advice, you might want to go with a webhost that can actually spell limited and unlimited properly.

It’s called constructive criticism. If you’re not going to make a professional thread/server, then we’ll tell you what’s wrong.


I will get the link for you, just a minute

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Oh, my bad. Knoxed already did it :smiley:

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Yea, lol. Well its not bad. The host website looks like shit and so did the old CP but it does everything I need it to do so… I will stick with it for now.

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Uhhh… Link me to another one that I apparently made?
There you go

Hey, aren’t you the guy who basically stole _Undefined’s point shop by taking his name down claiming you made it, and the entire deathrun game mode along with it?

No, I didn’t steal it. I give him the credit but I didn’t like the text there. But I could understand how people would be annoyed. So I put it back. But no… Never stole it.

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Also that isn’t a copy thread. This is the only one I made. Must have glitched up or something. I will ask for it to be removed.

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The dump rating is over rated.

Why don’t you respond to some of the criticism people are giving you instead of straight up ignoring it?

What does that mean? I am responding. And not everything needs a response. I re-added _Undefinds name to the Pointshop. That’s taking criticism. Its just that every person rates it dumb? That’s not exactly criticism.

The entire game mode you had up was a bunch of addons that you didn’t make with your name slapped onto the credits or the credits were removed.