Troideka II

Second version of this :

I felt like it


Tell Me which you think is betta


2nd one is better… has ACF.

Second one.

It’s contraptions like these that remind me why I love Gmod. Thank you sir

2nd is miles better, it looks clunky and mechanical and METAL GEAAAAR etc. The first looks a bit flimsy. Awesome contraption at any rate, i’m guessing no dupe?

Just chillax brah, they’ll steal a dupe of it an upload it just as soon as bara goes afk or something. You just wait…

First one looks like a lobster.


I wish I had a dupe of this.


ahemVery well done, looks insane!

Tripedal war machines = Win.

holy fuck it’s so big and long

second one looks better. Both of them are slow. I guess they are just for show. I need combat data.

it walks like fucking awesome. that’s fantastic.

that’s what they all say…

An apply force mech? from bawa? My lord. :monocle:

A terrible post? From Turrngait? My lord. :monocle:

I don’t really like when this kind of stuff has more than two legs (or less than two lol), but this is very well done.

Ownage? From Sestze? My lord. :monocle:

Nice bara, saw you making the second one, first one is like, fail lobster.

Thanks now I know what to improve on. Anyone else got a comment like that? shout it out, & be shouted at.

I like it. Does the center stay stable using hover balls or something? If it is actually supported by those legs then that thing is especially sweet.

I did some poking around with some robotics, but I didn’t get into it. Don’t have the knowledge to use wire to make my complicated contraptions work properly. For example, I came up with a tank, which drove around like normal until it got to tall obstacles. A top hatch opened and it had collapsable legs which would unfold and make it walk. Unfortunately the mixed use of hydraulics and winches working on manual controls made it extremely hard to get the legs to unfold and walk without taking an hour. Much less getting them to fold and fit back in their bay. Made a few different designs that all had the same problems unfortunately.