Troll Going Around Telling New Players How to get Beta Keys Within 1-2 Hours

These images show him telling me to post a cat picture that is zoomed in on his face which the way he worded it, it sounded pretty convincing but i shouldn’t have fallen for it an i’m making a post about this so a moderator would ban him or punish him in any way. Or to atleast heads up anyone that thinks this is true and will work. Thanks.

No ones gonna ban him for that

Oh wow! I hope you know I reported you for creating fake screenshots and flaming me on this forum! >:~(

i got the same problem with the same guy…
All i asked was a spare key if someone had, i was a gold member…

10 dollars are wasted cuz of this shithead.

By the way, if you want a Rust key I still have tons of them! :~)

(User was banned for this post ("Inciting raiding the forum - also, postal says he still wants that bioshock key" - Gran PC))

How do you know it doesn’t work. You haven’t tried


Well did you do what he said? He’s not lying.

you guys are the worst community…
If you do it on someone who diddnt donated money for it i would understand.
Now im just gonna chargeback the money.

Flaming you on this forum and creating fake screenshots really? You sir you are unbelievable

I think you will find Garry’s refund policy very refreshing!

Do it
End result is the same

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Oh fuck off bda

btw, just pm postal for Rust beta keys.

It posted that twice

I have tried this is my Alt account i got banned on the other account BECAUSE of him. The reason of the ban was spam and was permanent. He is obviously trying to get rid of all of the people that want to play this seemingly well developed video game. For him to take the time out of his day just to piss people off he shouldn’t even be on here he should be doing something more productive.

wow you guys aren’t kidding. this community is RUDE.

Good job lead_farmer and sloppy_joes you really do a good job representing the community as a long term or dedicated member, I’m sure Garry is proud of his Gold Members now.

<3 bda

those are big fags.

Um… mods?