Trollbusters #2


Matthew Filmore Ryan(Main Brown One)
Jonathan Roland Moore (Second Brown One)
Benedict Harper Jones (Blue One).

When a large number of troll comics begin popping up all over Facepunch by their creator, a disclosed User #4497, the FBI enlists the aid of university paranormal scientist turned troll hunters called the Trollbusters to help track down #4497 and ban him for good.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3

Could have been longer, but it was great and you’re still right about it.

You could work on your speech bubbles, they seem a bit choppy.

You could also work on making a comic layout.

It looks good so far, looking forward to your comic!

I found this amusing at best. Can’t wait to read more!

It was a little funny, go catch that troll!

The layout needs some work, but it’s okay. The speech bubbles where ment to look that way right?

Too short.

Looks promising, but as said before, way too short